The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): A Wiley Tech Brief
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More About This Title The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): A Wiley Tech Brief


STEVE MANN is President of Creative Digital Publishing, a leading provider of technical information for the handheld and mobile computing industries. Mann released the first freeware application for Palm and is the creator of the most widely distributed Palm travel application, WorldFAQ. He is the bestselling author of Programming Applications with WAP and Advanced Palm Programming (both from Wiley). SCOTT SBIHLI is cofounder of Empyrean Design Works, a full- service consulting and software development company focused on products and solutions for the enterprise related to handheld devices, smart phones, and mobile and wireless computing. He was the Palm Computing Platform Editor for Pen Computing magazine for three years.


Wireless Data Primer.

A Brief History of WAP.

Why WAP?

An Overview of WAP.

The WAP Application Environment.

WAP Client Software, Hardware, and Web Sites.

WAP Gateways.

Some WAP Profiles.

Implementing an Enterprise WAP Strategy.

The Future of WAP.





"For business management who have felt slightly left behind with the sudden emergence of WAP this is the ideal book for you."

"An excellent book that captures the sanpshot of the current WAP scene perfectly." (M2 Communications, 3 January 2001)