Advanced Palm Programming: Professional Developer's Guide
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STEVE MANN, bestselling author of Programming Applications with WAP (Wiley), is President of Creative Digital Publishing, a leading provider of technical information and software for the handheld and mobile computing industries. Mann released the first freeware application for Palm and is the creator of the most widely distributed Palm travel application, WorldFAQ .(TM) He is also the former publisher and editor of Handheld Systems magazine. RAY RISCHPATER is a consultant and writer formerly at Sun and Spyglass who participated in the development of Internet technologies for the Palm OS and other handheld devices. Rischpater has written for such publications as Handheld Systems, CQ VHF, and Apple's Develop.


Common Ground.

Tiny Trig.

Floating Point Fields.

Building Palm Databases.

Quick List Lookup.

Graphics for Mapping Apps.

Global Find.

App-centric Networking.

Meeting the Natives.