Organizational Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach
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More About This Title Organizational Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach


STEVE M. JEX, PhD, is a researcher in workplace stress at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he consults for many organizations, including the U.S. Army.



Introduction to Organizational Psychology.

Research Methods and Statistics.

Attraction and Socialization.

Productive Behavior in Organizations.

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment.

Counterproductive-Behavior in Organizations.

Occupational Stress.

Theories of Motivation.

Organizational Applications of Motivation Theory.

Leadership and Influence Processes.

Introduction to Group Behavior.

Group Effectiveness.

Intergroup Behavior in Organizations.

Organizational Theory and Design.

Organizational Culture.

Organizational Change and Development. References

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