Structured Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists, Fifth Edition
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This text was designed with three objectives in mind: to introduce engineering and science students to a problem solving technique that they can use in solving engineering problems; to provide a fundamental understanding of computers and to specifically develop a working knowledge of FORTRAN 77; and to motivate and excite students about engineering, and help them understand the types of problems that engineers solve.
* Engineering and Science Applications. Over 600 examples and problems representing a wide range of engineering and science applications, related to engineering disciplines ranging from mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering to cutting-edge fields such as genetic, robotic and environmental engineering.
* Five-Step Problem Solving Methodology. The five-step problem solving methodology is consistently used throughout this Edition. The five steps are:
* State the problem clearly.
* Describe the input and the output.
* Work the problem by hand (or with a calculator) for a specific set of data.
* Develop a solution that is general in nature.
* Test the algorithm with a variety of data sets.

* Engineering Case Studies. The application sections form a set of 30 engineering case studies. Each case study includes a detailed development of the problem's solution along with sample data to illustrate testing the algorithm.
* Complete FORTRAN 77 Coverage. Complete coverage of FORTRAN 77 makes this book not only suitable for the first-time computer user but also as a valuable reference for the experienced user. In addition, only standard FORTRAN 77 statements and structures are used so all programs and statements are compatible with any FORTRAN 77 compiler.
* Fortran 90 Coverage. Fortran 90 is discussed in detailed notes throughout the text and in a special chapter at the end.


* Introduction to Problem Solving with FORTRAN 77
* Arithmetic Computations
* Control Structures
* Engineering and Scientific Data Files
* Array Processing
* Function Subprograms
* Subroutine Subprograms
* Additional Data Types
* Additional File Handling
* Numerical Applications
* FORTRAN 77 Extensions
* The Fortran 90 Standard
Appendix A: FORTRAN 77 Intrinsic Functions
Appendix B: Additional FORTRAN 77 Topics
Glossary of Key Words
Answers to Self-Tests
Answers to Selected Problems