Early-Stage Technologies: Valuation and Pricing
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RICHARD RAZGAITIS is a consultant in licensing and technology commercialization. He is currently affiliated with IPC Group LLC, a company specializing in valuation and strategic management of intellectual property. For more than ten years he was Vice President of Technology Commercialization for Battelle and Bellcore, and involved in numerous license negotiations covering a broad range of technologies, from Advanced Materials and Processes to Software to Telecommunications and Networks. He has negotiated technology licenses with Fortune 50 companies as well as with 50-person companies, including spin-offs and start-ups. He has negotiated licenses in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.


What Is Technology Licensing?

Rights, Risks, and Psychology of Valuation and Pricing.

Overview of Valuation Methods.

Method One: Use of Industry Standards to Determine Valuation.

Method Two: The Rating/Ranking Method to Determine Valuation.

Method Three: Rules of Thumb to Determine Valuation.

Method Four: Discounted Cash Flow Method to Determine Valuation.

Method Five: Advanced Valuation Methods.

Method Six: Auctions.

Equity Considerations.

Structure of Licensing Payments.

Pricing, Negotiation Readiness, and Conclusion.