Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise:DataWarehousing Techniques for Supporting Customer Relationship Management
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More About This Title Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise:DataWarehousing Techniques for Supporting Customer Relationship Management


CLAUDIA IMHOFF is a popular speaker and recognized expert on customer relationship management and the Corporate Information Factory, which she helped pioneer with Bill Inmon. She has coauthored Corporate Information Factory, Building the Operational Data Store, and Exploration Warehousing (all from Wiley) and is a regular columnist for business and technology magazines. Dr. Imhoff is also an advisor for several corporations and for The Data Warehousing Institute.
LISA LOFTIS is a Senior Manager at Braun Consulting and has over fourteen years' experience working in customer relationship management in numerous industries. She has also presented extensively at national and international conferences on CRM.
JONATHAN G. GEIGER is Vice President at Braun Consulting, where he specializes in helping companies plan, develop, and apply business intelligence and customer relationship management capabilities. He has presented extensively at national and international conferences, has published more than twenty articles, and coauthored Data Stores,Data Warehousing, and The Zachman Framework: Managing Enterprise Knowledge.






The Customer Becomes the Center of the Business Universe.

The Customer and the Corporate Information Factory (CIF).

Understanding the Customer Life Cycle.


Are You Ready? Tuning the Organization for CRM.

Getting Underway.

Developing an Integrated CRM Technology Environment.

Capturing Customer Information.

Quality Relationships Start with Quality Customer Data.


Business Intelligence: Technologies for Understanding Your Customers.

Facilitating Customer Touches with the Customer ODS.

Automating the Sales and Service Process.

Interacting with Customers Online.

Putting It All Together with Enterprise Portals.

Preserving Customer Trust -
The Role of Privacy.

The Future of CRM.


Recommended Reading.



"When it comes time to get serious about CRM, all paths lead to the infrastructure that CRM processing is built on. And no one understands that architecture better than Claudia Imhoff and her co-authors."--W. H. Inmon,

"Alvin Toffler predicted this in "Powershift" 10 years ago. No one can say they weren't warned! Claudia Imhoff and her co-authors, Jonathan Geiger and Lisa Loftis, are giving you a roadmap to CRM... This is a MUST READ for every serious manager."--John Zachman, Zachman International

"If your company wants to get closer to its customers, then read this book! It provides a practical guide for creating the technical infrastructure your company needs to effectively manage customer data and build lasting relationships with customers."--Wayne Eckerson, The Data Warehousing Institute

"Claudia Imhoff, along with her co-authors, has written another winner with Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise! Whether your company is just beginning to understand your customers' needs for personalized interaction, or has already made some inroads in providing a personalized customer experience, this book is for you. It describes not only what the move to CRM means, but also what frameworks, strategies, and structures will facilitate it." Susan Osterfelt, Bank of America

"For years, customer-focused companies have tried to understand who their best customers are and how to best serve them. Getting the data and the tools was hard. Now with supermarket scanners, loyalty programs and especially the Internet, we have the data. Now we need the tools. The Corporate Information Factory (CIF) is a valuable toolkit for customer-focused companies. The authors, all experts in the field, share their knowledge of CRM and CIF in chapters that build from the reasons to implement CRM to the data requirements and data management techniques for supporting CRM."--Bill Baker, Microsoft Corporation