Fast Track Visual C++ 6.0 Programming
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Get up to speed with the latest version of Visual C++. What makes Fast Track the C++ guide of choice is leading expert Steve Holzner's practical approach to learning by example. Cutting right to the core of issues crucial to programmers, this book begins with a brief refresher course and then moves quickly onto the skills that really count: capturing images, metafiles, and other advanced graphics; creating and synchronizing multithreaded programs; capturing keystrokes with Windows hooks; building a Web browser; building ActiveX controls; and much more.

Companion Web site provides all source code from the book.

Visual C++ is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.


Up to Speed in Visual C++.

Multiple Documents, Multiple Views.

Edit Views, HTML Views, Tree Views, Splitter Windows, and More.

Full Power Menus, Toolbars, and Status Bars.

Real-World Programming: The Editor Application.

Advanced Screen and Metafile Graphics.

32-Bit Memory Handling.

Connecting to the Internet.

Multitasking Programming.

The Power of Dynamic Link Libraries.

Putting Windows Hooks to Work.

COM and OLE.

Creating ActiveX Controls.

The Windows Registry and Version Tracking.

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