Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 4th Edition
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Noted for its crystal clear presentation and easy-to-follow problem solving methodology, this bestselling book in the field provides a complete introduction to the physical origins of heat and mass transfer. Contains hundred of problems and examples dealing with real engineering processes and systems. New open-ended problems add to the increased emphasis on design. Plus, Incropera & DeWitts systematic approach to the first law develops readers confidence in using this essential tool for thermal analysis.


Introduction to Conduction.

One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction.

Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction.

Transient Conduction.

Introduction to Convection.

External Flow.

Internal Flow.

Free Convection.

Boiling and Condensation.

Heat Exchangers.

Radiation: Processes and Properties.

Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces.

Diffusion Mass Transfer.