Sculpting with the Environment: A Natural Dialogue
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More About This Title Sculpting with the Environment: A Natural Dialogue


Baile Oakes is a sculptor who has been involved with environmental concerns for over 25 years. He has taught environmental sculpture at the College of the Redwoods in California, and has served as a member of the Arts in Public Places advisory panel for the California Arts Council. He is currently Chair of the Mendocino County Arts Council, and lives with his wife and children in Westport, California.



Suzi Gablik.

Fritjof Capra.

Ancient and Contemporary Art.

Jody Pinto.

Peter Erskine.

Phyllis Yampolsky.

Donna Henes.

Michele Oka Doner.

Reiko Goto.

Alan Sonfist.

Agnes Denes.

Andy Lipkis.

Betsy Damon.


Joanna Macy.


Baile Oakes.

Artists' Acknowledgments and Resumes.