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HELENA LINDSKOG is Privacy Manager at Ericsson Service Networks and Applications, and is the inventor of a number of Ericsson patents. She is also involved in standardization, and is part of the W3C P3P working group. She has published many papers and given frequent presentations around privacy-related problems, and is often consulted as an expert by the European Commission.

STEFAN LINDSKOG is a lecturer at the department of computer science at Karlstad University in Sweden. His research focuses on computer and network security, especially methods for analysis and categorization of intrusions and vulnerabilities. He is a member of IEEE and ISSEA.



Chapter 1: Introduction to Privacy.

Chapter 2: Internet Security.

Chapter 3: The World Wide Web.

Chapter 4: Privacy and the Internet.

Chapter 5: Platform for Privacy Preferences Project.

Chapter 6: Enhance Your Web Site’s Privacy.

Chapter 7: Five Steps to Creating a Privacy Policy.

Chapter 8: Privacy Policy in English.

Chapter 9: Privacy Policy Using P3P.

Chapter 10: Cookies and P3P.

Chapter 11: User-Agents and Other P3P Tools.

Chapter 12. P3P and the Mobile Internet.

Appendix A: An XML Tutorial.

Appendix B: Taking Charge of Profile Information Conveyance.

Appendix C: A P3P Use Case.

Appendix D: Positional Privacy Using P3P and LIF Formats.