Object-Oriented Multithreading Using C++
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Cameron Hughes is a software engineer at Ctest Laboratories, where he develops interference engines in C++ and Prolog. He also designs large-scale vehicle routing and scheduling systems.

Tracey Hughes is a senior programmer at Ctest specializing in pattern-recognition class libraries and image processing software. They are also the authors of Collection and Container Classes in C++ and Object-Oriented I/O Using C++ Iostreams, both published by Wiley.


Introduction-C++ Components.

The Anatomy of a Process.

Lightweight Processes: Threads.

Multitasking and Multithreading.

Interprocess and Interthread Communication.

Cooperation and Synchronization.

Interface Classes and Interprocess Communication.

Synchronization Objects.

Threading Object-Oriented Architectures.

Class Hierarchies and C++ Components for Threading.

Class Behavior and Threading.

Testing Multithreaded Applications.

Towards Concurrency-Some Final Thoughts.

POSIX Thread Management Specifications.



On the Enclosed Disk: Appendices.