'Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?'
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REGINALD F. LEWIS was chairman, chief executive, and principal shareholder of TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc., until his untimely death of brain cancer in January 1993. He was fifty years old when he died.

BLAIR S. WALKER is a former financial writer with the "Money" section of USA Today. He has also worked as an editor with New York Newsday and as a reporter with the Chicago bureau of The Associated Press.


Partial table of contents:

A Kid from East Baltimore.

Lewis's ``Demon Work Ethic'': The High School Years.

``I'm Going to Be a Millionaire'': Lewis at Virginia State.

No Application Needed: Breaking Down the Doors of Harvard Law.

Building His Own Law Practice: The Years of Struggle.

``Masterful'' Man: Winning Loida Nicolas.

``I Was Not Ready.'' Piloting McCall for a 90-to-1 Gain.

The Biggest Deal of All: The Billion-Dollar LBO of Beatrice.

Taming a Business Behemoth.

A Door to a New Universe.

Connoisseur, Philanthropist, Citizen of the World.


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