Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 7th Edition
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More About This Title Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 7th Edition


This book is the best and most concise reference available on the design of concrete structures. It covers new materials, practices, and research in the field, examples of general building structural systems and the use of computers in structural design. Covers the basics as well as practical design examples. Examines a wide range of concrete structures, building types, and construction details. Includes numerous illustrations, text examples, and exercise problems with answers provided, plus a general question and answer section and a glossary. Updated to reflect changes in standards, industry technology, and construction practice; conforms to the widely accepted ACI Code.


Structural Use of Concrete.

Materials and Properties of Structural Concrete.

Production of Concrete.

General Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Investigation and Design of Reinforced Concrete.

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD).

Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members.

Shear in Concrete Structures.

Anchorage and Development of Reinforcement.

Flat-Spanning Concrete Systems.

Concrete Columns.

Column and Beam Frames.

Concrete Walls.


Miscellaneous Concrete Structures.

General Considerations for Building Structures.

Building Structures: Design Examples.


Study Aids.

Answers to Problems.