The Eyes of the Skin - Architecture and the Senses
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More About This Title The Eyes of the Skin - Architecture and the Senses


JUHANI PALLASMAA is one of Finland’s most distinguished architects and architectural theorists. In all aspects of his theoretical and design practice – which includes architecture, graphic design, urban planning and exhibitions – he places a consistent emphasis on the importance of identity, sensorial experience and tactility.


Part 1

Vision and Knowledge

Critics of Ocularcentrism

The Narcissistic and Nihilistic Eye

Oral versus Visual Space

Retinal Architecture and the Loss of Plasticity

An Architecture of Visual Images

Materiality and Time

The Rejection of Alberti's Window

A New Vision and Sensory Balance Part 2

The Body in the Centre

Multi-Sensory Experience

The Significance of the Shadow

Acoustic Intimacy

Silence, Time and Solitude

Spaces of Scent

The Shape of Touch

The Taste of Stone

Images of Muscle and Bone

Images of Action

Bodily Identification

Mimesis of the Body

Spaces of Memory and Imagination

An Architecture of the Senses

The Task of Architecture