C++ Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management
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MICHAEL C. DACONTA is the site manager and Tech lead in Arizona for Mystech Associates, Inc. He currently develops advanced client/server applications using X-Windows, remote procedure calls, and generic code libraries. He is the founder of Virtual Fusion, a virtual corporation, and developer of EZDB and Virtual Inc. Mr. Daconta is also an associate faculty member of Cochise College where he teaches C++. His other books include C Pointers and Dynamic Memory Man-agement, also available from Wiley.


Object-Oriented Programming with Pointers.

Objects and Memory.

Pointer Basics.

Passing Data and References.

Multi Dimensional Arrays and Pointers.

Strings and Pointers.

Structures, Unions, Classes, and Pointers.

Pointers and Dynamic Memory.

Pointer Pointers and Pointer Arrays.

This and Other Special Pointers.

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Pointers.

Pointers and Abstract Data Types.

Function Pointers and Virtual Functions.

Memory Management Internals.

Platform-Specific Pointers.