Introducing Autodesk 3ds Max 2011
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Randi L. Derakhshani teaches 3D animation at The Art Institute of California and has worked as a digital artist and technical director for games and movie projects with Gizmo Games, RJB Enterprises, and Sony.

Dariush Derakhshani is an award-winning visual effects supervisor, author, and educator. He has worked on movies such as The Fantastic Four and Pan's Labyrinth, the South Park TV series, and numerous commercials and music videos. He teaches 3D animation and is the author of all the Introducing Maya books (Sybex). Dariush and Randi wrote Introducing 3ds Max 2008 and Introducing 3ds Max 9 (Sybex).


Chapter 1: Basic Concepts.

Chapter 2: Your First 3ds Max Animation.

Chapter 3: The 3ds Max Interface.

Chapter 4: Modeling in 3ds Max: Part I.

Chapter 5: Modeling in 3ds Max: Part II.

Chapter 6: Character Poly Modeling.

Chapter 7: Materials and Mapping.

Chapter 8: Introduction to Animation.

Chapter 9: Character Studio and IK Animation.

Chapter 10: 3ds Max Lighting.

Chapter 11: 3ds Max Rendering.

Chapter 12: Particles and Dynamics.