Mapping in the Age of Digital Media - The YaleSymposium
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MICHAEL SILVER is the Director of Digital Media at the Yale School of Architecture as well as a Lefevre Research Fellow for The Knowlton School of Architecture in Columbus, Ohio.  He also directs The Office of Research and Development, a multidisciplinary design laboratory with extensive experience in the design of furnishings, consumer products, websites and buildings.  The Office is committed to the precise alignment of advance technology, visionary consciousness, architectural theory, academic scholarship and the logitistics of building production, and carries out pioneering research in the field of digital mapping and architectural design.

DIANA BALMORI founded landscape and urban design firm Balmori Associates Inc in 1990.  Her work is particuarly geared to the design of urban public space.  She teaches at the Yale School of Architecture and at the Yale School of the Environment, and has brought about courses joining the two.  Her projects have been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), the Seventh Floor Gallery (New York City), Yale School of Architecture and Bard College.



Preface (Robert A M Stern).

Mapping in the Age of Digital Media (Mike Silver).

Just in Time (Diane Balmori).

Games, Mapping and Mediation (Branden Hookway).


Bodies Unfolding (Lilla LoCurto and Bill Outcault).

Refiguring the Figure
Imaging the Body in Contemporary Art and Digital Media (Alicia Imperiale).

Mapping Curves
An Interview with James Glymph of Frank O Gehry and Associates (Mike Silver).


Networking Maps
GIS, Virtualized Reality and the World Wide Web (Mike Silver and Diana Balmori).

The Power of the Image to Promote Science (Eric Heller).

Mapping Musical Space (Evan Jones).

Motion-Mapping (Paul Kaiser).


MRI Self-portraits (Justine Cooper).

Subsurface Visualization
An Interview with Duane Dopkin of Paradigm Geophysical (Mike Silver).

Traces and Simulations (Mike Silver).

An Interview with Julie Dorsey of Yale Universit y (Mike Silver).

Historical Perspectives on Representing and Transferring Spatial Knowledge (Denis Cosgrove).

Contributor Biographies.


"...the concluding essay?provides a valuable historical perspective..." (Architectural Review, August 2003)