Looking Up in London
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Jane and Helen Peyton grew up in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Jane works in factual television programme production and Helen lectures in art at colleges in Yorkshire. They are widely travelled, together and individually. They realised that buildings meant more to them than images of each other when, looking through their travel photographs, they found none of each other but dozens featuring balconies, chimneys and door frames. Looking up in London is their first professional collaboration.



Playing the Looking up in London game.

Introduction: London's First Two Millennia.

Section I: The City of London.

Section II: Smithfield and Blackfriars.

Section III: Fleet Street, Strand and Aldwych.

Section IV: Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square.

Section V: Holborn and Bloomsbury.

Section VI: Oxford Circus.

Section VII: Marylebone.

Section VIII: Mayfair, Piccadilly and St James's.

Section IX: Westminster and Victoria.

Section X: Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge.

Section XI: South Kensington and Kensington Gardens.

Glossary of architectural terms.


Further Reading.



"…a new book on London offers information on all the giants, cherubs and Greek gods that stare down from the old buildings of the city centre, and other points of architectural interest…" (The Irish Times, 17 May 2003)

"…will appeal to all visitors of the city…" (This is London , Spring Bank Holiday Edition 2003)

"…full of fascinating facts and intriguing images…" (What’s on in London, 21-28 May 2003)

"…if you catch its infectious zeal for all things upward, you may find yourself walking into lampposts… (Belgravia Magazine, June/July 2003)

"…beautiful photographs…no expert knowledge required, just make sure you have a free afternoon, comfy shoes and a flexible neck…" (Independent on Sunday, 15 June 2003)

"...Any resident or visitor to London could benefit from this intriguing pocket-sized book about London's fascinating landmarks that are above eye-level…" (OK (Hot Stars), 22 July 2003)

"…a compendium of photographs and historical facts it introduces the reader to a host of architectural gems that dot the city streets above eye level…" (The Big Issue)

"…is a small jewel of a book that will guide you to the best high up hot spots…" (Time Out, 27 August 2003)

"…very entertaining…recommend it to anyone interested in the architecture or history of London…" (Building Engineer, October 2003)

“…little gem of a book…”  (Realm, March 2004)