iPhoto '11 Portable Genius
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Brad Miser has written more than 40 books about computers and related technology, including Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook, MacBook Pro Portable Genius 2E, MobileMe for Small Business Portable Genius, and others.




chapter 1 How Do I Get Started with iPhoto?

chapter 2 How Can Events Help Me with My Photos?

chapter 3 How Can I Work with My Photos Individually?

chapter 4 How Can Faces Help Me Organize and View My Photos?

chapter 5 How Can I Use Places to Organize and View My Photos?

chapter 6 Can iPhoto Help Me Keep My Photos Organized?

chapter 7 How Else Can I Find My Photos?

chapter 8 What Can I Do to Improve My Photos?

chapter 9 How Can I Use MobileMe to Share Photos?

chapter 10 How Can I Use iWeb to Share Photos?

chapter 11 How Can I Use Facebook to Share Photos?

chapter 12 How Can I Use Flickr to Share Photos?

chapter 13 What Can I Do with the Slideshow Feature?

chapter 14 How Can I Create Photo Books?

chapter 15 How Can I Create Cards?

chapter 16 How Can I Create Calendars?

chapter 17 What Else Can I Do with Photos?

chapter 18 What Can I Do to Protect My Photos?