Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium Digital Classroom
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Jennifer Smith is Executive Vice President of the American Graphics Institute as well as an Adobe Certified Instructor. Jeremy Osborn is Training Director at American Graphics Institute and an expert on Web and interactive technology. The AGI Creative Team develops and delivers training programs through the American Graphics Institute.


Starting Up.

Bridge Lesson 1: Using Adobe Bridge.

Photoshop Lesson 1: Exploring Photoshop.

Photoshop Lesson 2: Getting to Know the Workspace.

Photoshop Lesson 3: The Basics of Working with Photoshop.

Photoshop Lesson 4: Making the Best Selections.

Photoshop Lesson 5: Painting and Retouching.

Photoshop Lesson 6: Creating a Good Image.

Dreamweaver Lesson 1: Dreamweaver CS5 Jumpstart.

Dreamweaver Lesson 2: Setting Up a New Site.

Dreamweaver Lesson 3: Adding Text and Images.

Dreamweaver Lesson 4: Styling Your Pages with CSS.

Dreamweaver Lesson 5: Managing Your Web Site: Reports, Optimization, and Maintenance.

Flash Lesson 1: Flash CS5 Jumpstart.

Flash Lesson 2: Getting Started with the Drawing Tools

Flash Lesson 3: Creating Basic Animation

Flash Lesson 4: Delivering Your Final Movie

Fireworks Lesson 1: Adobe Fireworks Jumpstart

Illustrator Lesson 1: Illustrator CS5 Essentials.

Illustrator Lesson 2: Adding Color.

Illustrator Lesson 3: Working with the Drawing Tools.

InDesign Lesson 1: InDesign CS5 Essential Skills.

InDesign Lesson 2: Building Documents with Master Pages.

InDesign Lesson 3: Working with Text and Type.

InDesign Lesson 4: Working with Styles.

InDesign Lesson 5: Working with Graphics.