Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide
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Charlotte K. Lowrie is a professional photographer and award-winning writer. Her photographic experience ranges from photojournalism and editorial photography to shooting nature photos and weddings. Charlotte's images have appeared in national publications, and she has written 11 books. She teaches photography courses at You can see more of her work at



CHAPTER 1: Roadmap to the 7D.

Camera Controls Overview.

Front of the camera.

Top of the camera.

Back of the camera.

Side of the camera.

Bottom of the camera.

Lens Controls Overview.

Viewfi nder display.

Camera menus.

CHAPTER 2: Camera Setup and Image Playback.

Choosing Image Format and Quality.

JPEG format.

RAW capture.

The best of both worlds: shooting RAW and JPEG.

Working with Folders and File Numbering.

Creating and selecting folders.

Choosing a fi le numbering option.

Continuous fi le numbering.

Auto reset.

Manual reset.

Miscellaneous Setup Options.

General setup options.

Adding copyright information.

Image Playback Options.

Searching for images and moving through multiple images.

Displaying images on a TV.

Protecting and Erasing Images.

Protecting images.

Erasing images.

CHAPTER 3: Controlling Exposure and Focus.

Working with Exposure.

Defi ning exposure goals.

Practical exposure considerations.

Choosing a Shooting Mode.

Semiautomatic, Manual, and Bulb shooting modes.

Program AE (P) shooting mode.

Shutter-priority AE (Tv) mode.

Aperture-priority AE (Av) mode.

Manual (M) mode.


C modes.

Automatic shooting modes.

Full Auto mode.

Creative Auto mode.

Setting the ISO Sensitivity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65

Metering Light and Modifying Exposure.

Using metering modes.

Evaluating exposures.

Brightness histogram.

RGB histogram.

Modifying and bracketing exposures.

Auto Lighting Optimizer.

Highlight Tone Priority.

Safety Shift.

Auto Exposure Lock.

Exposure Compensation.

Auto Exposure Bracketing.

Using the 7D Autofocus System.

Choosing an autofocus mode.

Choosing an AF area.

Selecting a Drive Mode.

CHAPTER 4: Getting Great Color.

Choosing a Color Space.

Setting the White Balance.

Setting a specifi c color temperature.

Fine-tuning white balance.

Using White Balance Auto Bracketing.

Using White Balance Correction.

Working with Picture Styles.

Choosing and customizing Picture Styles.

Registering a new Picture Style.

Using the Picture Style Editor.

CHAPTER 5: Customizing the 7D.

Exploring Custom Functions.

Custom Function groupings.

Custom Functions specifics.

C.Fn I: Exposure.

C.Fn II: Image.

C.Fn III: Autofocus/Drive.

C.Fn IV: Operation/Others.

Setting Custom Functions.

Registering Camera User Settings.

Customizing My Menu.

CHAPTER 6: Shooting in Live View and Tethered.

About Live View Shooting.

Live View features and functions.

Live View focus.

Exposure simulation and metering.

Silent shooting modes.

Using a flash.

Setting up for Live View Shooting.

Working with Live View.

Shooting in Live View.

Shooting Tethered or with a Wireless Connection.

CHAPTER 7: Using Movie Mode.

About Video.

Video standards.

Video on the 7D.

Recording and Playing Back Videos.

Setting up for movie recording.

Recording movies.

Playing back videos.

CHAPTER 8: Working with Flash and Studio Lights.

Flash Technology and the 7D.

Shooting with the Built-in Flash.

Working with the built-in flash.

Red-eye Reduction.

Modifying Flash Exposure.

Flash Exposure Compensation.

Flash Exposure Lock.

Setting Flash Control Options.

Using the flash autofocus assist beam without fi ring the flash.

Wireless Flash and Studio Lighting.

Using multiple Speedlites wirelessly.

Setting up wireless flashes.

Exploring flash techniques.

Bounce flash.

Adding catchlights to the eyes.

CHAPTER 9: Lenses and Accessories.

Evaluating Lens Choices for the 7D.

Building a lens system.

Understanding the focal-length multiplier.

Types of Lenses.

About zoom lenses.

About prime lenses.

Working with Different Types of Lenses.

Using wide-angle lenses.

Using telephoto lenses.

Using normal lenses.

Using macro lenses.

Using tilt-and-shift lenses.

Using Image Stabilized lenses.

Calibrating and Fine-Tuning Lenses.

Calibrating lenses for focus accuracy.

Setting lens peripheral correction.

Doing More with Lens Accessories.

Lens extenders.

Extension tubes and close-up lenses.

Learning Lens Lingo and Technology.

CHAPTER 10: Event and Action Photography.

Event and Action Photography.

Packing the gear bag.

Setting up the 7D for event and action shooting.

Shooting Events and Actions.

Exposure approaches and shooting techniques.

Tips for capturing the moment.

CHAPTER 11: Nature and Landscape Photography.

Nature and Landscape Photography.

In the camera bag.

Setting up the 7D for outdoor shooting.

Approaches to Exposure.

Basic exposure technique.

Advanced exposure approach.

Exposing nonaverage scenes.

Shooting Landscape and Nature Images.

CHAPTER 12: People Photography.

People Photography.

Selecting gear.

Setting up the 7D for portrait shooting.

Making Natural-light Portraits.

Outdoor portraits.

Window light portraits.

Exposure approaches.

Making Studio Portraits.

Keep It Simple.

APPENDIX A: Exploring RAW Capture.

Learning about RAW Capture.

Canon’s RAW Conversion Program.

Sample RAW Image Conversion.

APPENDIX B: How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker.

The Gray Card.

The Color Checker.