Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology - AnEssential Guide for Nursing Students
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More About This Title Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology - AnEssential Guide for Nursing Students


Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology makes the sometimes complex subject of pathophysiology accessible and exciting. This unique textbook provides nursing students with a straightforward understanding of applied pathophysiology, enabling them to relate normal body function to pathological changes that may lead to disease processes. 

This comprehensive and straightforward text explores the systems of the body and associated disorders.  Each chapter provides an explanation of the anatomy of the human body, and the effects of disease or illness on normal physiology. This book is ideal for nursing students who will come into contact with patients who may have a variety of physically related health care problems such as myocardial infarction, diabetes mellitus, anaemia, and many more diseases, in both the hospital and community settings. 


Each chapter includes learning outcomes, multiple choice questions, and a detailed glossaryInteractive website with both lecturer and student resources, including self-test multiple choice questions, image archive, and case studies & scenariosExtensive, full colour illustrations used throughout


Muralitharan Nair is Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Hertfordshire,UK.

Ian Peate is Associate Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Hertfordshire, UK.


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Chapter 1 Cell and body tissue physiology

Chapter 2 Cancer

Chapter 3 Inflammation, immune response and healing

Chapter 4 Shock

Chapter 5 The heart and associated disorders

Chapter 6 The vascular system and associated disorders

Chapter 7 The blood and associated disorders

Chapter 8 The renal system and associated disorders

Chapter 9 The respiratory system and associated disorders

Chapter 10 The nervous system and associated disorders

Chapter 11 The gastro intestinal tract and associated disorders

Chapter 12 Nutrition and associated disorders

Chapter 13 The endocrine system and associated disorders

Chapter 14 The reproductive systems and associated disorders

Chapter 15 Pain and pain management

Chapter 16 The musculoskeletal system and associated disorders

Chapter 17 Fluid and electrolyte balance and associated disorders

Chapter 18 The skin and associated disorders

Chapter 19 The ear, nose and throat, eyes and their associated disorders

Appendix Reference values in venous serum (adults)



"An excellent text which explains pathophysiology in clear, straightforward language and relates this to clinical conditions and nursing care." --Sue Jones, Senior Lecturer, Thames Valley University

"This is a very, very good book." --Dr Ray Higginson, Senior Lecturer in Critical Care, University of Glamorgan

"Excellent A&P and useful for students to further their understanding of pathophysiology." --Martin Hopkins, Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing, De Montfort University

"Links bioscience & nursing care, telling the students how and why things go wrong and supplies the missing link in places. Fantastic clear diagrams - MCQ section superb at end of each chapter." --Roz Bevan, Nursing Tutor, Swansea University

"A very useful book - shown to students today as it clearly links normal to abnormal in a way that enhances understanding." --Valerie Hales, Nursing Lecturer, Sheffield University