Unofficial Guide to Homeschooling
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About the Author A freelance writer and mother of two, Kathy Ishizuka specializes in family and children's issues. She has published magazine articles on a variety of related subjects, from window falls and online educational programs to playdate issues and lead hazards in the home. Her books include 10,000 Names for Your Baby (Dell, 1997) and a collective biography of Asian American authors for young people.


The Unofficial Guide Reader's Bill of Rights.

The Unofficial Guide Panel of Experts.


I. A Homeschooling Primer.

1. The ABCs of Homeschooling.

2. Making the Decision.

3. Homeschooling Children with Special Needs.

II. Getting Ready for Homeschooling.

4. The Financial Picture.

5. State and Local Homeschooling Requirements.

III. Preparing to Teach.

6. Other Education Options.

7. Homeschooling Methods.

8. Your Homeschool Plan.

IV. Living and Learning.

9. Joining the Homeschool Community.

10. Tools of the Trade.

11. More Ideas for Resources and Materials.

12. Learning Life Skills.

V. School's in Session.

13. "Preschool" and the "Primary" Grades.

14. Homeschooling, by Subject.

VI. High School and Beyond.

15. Homeschooling Teens.

16. College and Beyond.

A. Glossary.

B. Resource Directory.

C. Recommended Reading List.

D. Important Documents.

E. Important Statistics.