Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and MentalHealth 4e
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Foreword by susan beukes.

Part 1. The science of Occupational Therapy.

Chapter 1 Creative Ability - a Model for Psychiatric occupational Therapy. (Patricia de Witt).

Chapter 2 Occupational Science as Applied to Occupational Therapy in The Mental Health Field. (Lana Van Niekerk).

Chapter 3 Clinical reasoning in phychiatric occupational therapy. ( Vivyan Alers).

Part 2. Specific issues in occupational Therapy.

Chapter 4 HIV/AIDS in phychiatry: the moral and thical dilemmas and issues facing occupational therapists treating persons with HIV/AIDS. (Dain Van Der Reyden and Robin Joubert).

Chapter 5 An occupational therapists perspective on sexually and psychosocial sexual rehabilitation. (Louise Fouche).

Chapter 6 Community-based Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health. (Stephanie Homer).

Chapter 7 Auxiliary staff in the field of psyciatry: requirements, functions and supervisions. (Dain van der Reyden).

Chapter 8 Rehabillitation of the menatlly ill in long-term institutionalization. (Erla Venter and Kobie Zietsman).

Chapter 9 Vocational rehabilitation in psychiatry and mental health. (Lyndsey Swart).

Chapter 10 Psychiatric Occupational therapy in corporate, insurance and medicolegal sectors. (Lee Randall).

Chapter 11 Forensic psychiatry and occupational therapy. (Michelle Moore).

Part 3 Children and Adolescents.

Chapter 12 Occupational therapy intervention with children with psychosocial disorders. (Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers).

Chapter 13 Interdisciplinary group therapy with children. (Marita Rademeyer and Deidre Neibaus).

Chapter 14 Trauma and its effects on children, adolescents and adults: the progression from a victim to a survivor to a thriver. (Vivyan Alers and Romy Ancer).

Chapter 15 A 'Bottom-up' approach: the factors influencing a child's emotional, motor and perceptual development for optimal learning. (Candace Lee Bylsma).

Chapter 16 Sensory integration in mental retardation and pervasive developmental disorders. (Annamarie van Jaarsveld).

Chapter 17 Specific occupational therapy intervention with adolescents. ( Louise Fouche).

Part 4 Adults.

Chapter 18 Post-traumatic brain injury. (Sylvia Birkhead).

Chapter 19 Occupational therapy with axiety and Somatoform disorders. ( Madeleine Duncan).

Chapter 20 Three approaches and processes in occupational therapy with mood disorders. (Madeleine Duncan).

Chapter 21 Understanding and treating people with personality disorders in occupational therapy. (Ann Nott).

Chapter 22 Aviation and psycho-education: major principles in the occupational therapists approach to schizophrenia. (Rosemary Crouch).

Chapter 23 The recovering alcoholic and the occupational therapy intervention. (Rosemary Crouch).

Chapter 24 Occupational therapy intervention for drug-related disorders. (Lisa Wegner).

Chapter 25 Gerontology, psychiatry and occupational therapy. (Rae Labuschagne).