Smart Things to Know About E-commerce
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Michael Cunningham is the President and founder of Harvard Computing Group, and has been an executive at several leading companies in the software industry over the past 15 years. There he has implemented many successful business development and workshop programs for a wide range of clients in the US and International marketplace, aligning business goals, process change and technology to help clients meet their business objectives. His professional focus deals with the converging issues in e-business, particularly those in the area of e-commerce, linking knowledge bases and customer relationship management systems. Cunningham is also a frequent speaker and contributor to major industry events and is featured regularly in e-commerce and related magazines.


What is Smart?


The Internet and E-commerce Evolution.

Think E-commerce - Think Change!

E-commerce Technologies that Matter.

Electronic Consumers - Attracting, Predicting and Engaging Them.

Business to Business E-commerce.

Building your own Strategy.

Making it Happen - Doing E-commerce.

Out There.

Recommended Reading.