Office 365 in Business
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David Kroenke is the author of many books on the use of information technology in business. Known for his easy-to-read, understandable, and humorous text, he's worked in the industry and academics and has twice been selected as Educator of the Year in the United States.

Donald Nilson is a Certified Public Accountant and worked as a program manager for Microsoft for 10 years. Don currently works for a small company where he is planning the implementation of Office 365 to address the need for online collaboration among employees. He has been a pioneer in the accounting profession and in computer information systems for 40 years.



Part I Introduction to Office 365 in Business.

Chapter 1 Why Consider Office 365?

Chapter 2 What is Office 365?

Part II Sharing Documents.

Chapter 3 Sharing Documents via Lync.

Chapter 4 Sharing Documents via SharePoint.

Chapter 5 Sharing (Only) What You Want.

Part III Coordinating Work.

Chapter 6 Coordinating Work with Tasks Lists.

Chapter 7 Managing Calendars and Tasks in Outlook.

Chapter 8 Keeping Track of Things with SharePoint.

Chapter 9 Controlling Workflow.

Part IV Sharing Knowledge.

Chapter 10 R emote Whiteboard Sessions with Lync.

Chapter 11 Sharing Team Knowledge.

Chapter 12 Remote Presentations Using Lync.