Mastering Blender
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Tony Mullen, PhD, has a broad background in CG-related work. He teaches at Tsuda College, where his courses include modeling and animation with Blender as well as the Python programming language (used for scripting in Blender). Mullen has been a cartoonist and an illustrator; his screen credits include writer, codirector, or lead animator on several short films, including the award-winning short The Devices of Gustav Braüstache, Bachelor of Science, and the recent live-action/stop-motion film Gustav Braüstache and the Auto Debilitator, appearing at several international film festivals. He is the author of Introducing Character Animation with Blender and Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D, both from Sybex.


Part I: Mastering Blender 3D.

1. Controlling Your Environment.

2. Sculpting and Retopo Workflow.

3. Creating Realistic Images with UV Textures and Node-Based Materials.

4. Video Compositing with Nodes.

5. Working with the Video Sequence Editor.

Part II: Mastering Blender Python.

6. Python for the Impatient.

7. Python Scripting for Blender.

8. The Many-Headed Snake: Other Uses of Python in Blender.

Part III: Mastering the Blender Game Engine.

9. Creating Assets for the Blender Game Engine.

10. Making Things Happen in the Game Engine.

11. Python Power in the Blender Game Engine.