Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: ALegal Guide, Fifth Edition
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More About This Title Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: ALegal Guide, Fifth Edition


Bruce R. Hopkins is the country's leading authority on tax-exempt organizations and is a senior partner with the firm Polsinelli Shughart. He is the author of twenty-five books, including The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, Ninth Edition, and the newsletter Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel, all published by Wiley.




Part One: Starting A Nonprofit Organization.

Chapter One: What is a Nonprofit Organization?

Chapter Two: Starting a Nonprofit Organization.

Chapter Three: Debunking Some Myths and Misperceptions.

Part Two: Being Nonprofit, Legally.

Chapter Four: Nonprofit Organizations: Much More than Charity.

Chapter Five: Nonprofits and Private Benefit.

Chapter Six: From Nonprofit to Tax-Exempt.

Chapter Seven: Charities: Public or Private?

Chapter Eight: Governance: Board Duties and Liabilities.

Chapter Nine: Braving Annual Reporting.

Chapter Ten: Tax Exemption: Not a Paperwork Exemption.

Chapter Eleven: Charitable Giving Rules.

Chapter Twelve: Governanment Regulation of Fundraising.

Part Three: Tax-Exempt Organizations Can Be Taxable, And So Can Their Managers.

Chapter Thirteen: Related or Unrelated?

Chapter Fourteen: Lobbying Constraints—And Taxes.

Chapter Fifteen: Political Activities—and More Taxes.

Chapter Sixteen: Donor-Advised Funds, Tax-Shelters, Insurance Schemes– And Still More Taxes.

Part Four: Helpful Hints And Successful Techniques.

Chapter Seventeen: Subsidiaries: For-Profit and Nonprofit.

Chapter Eighteen: Joint Venturing and Other Partnering.

Chapter Nineteen: Wonderful World of Planned Giving.

Chapter Twenty: Putting Ideas into Action.

Part Five: Sidestepping Traps.

Chapter Twenty-One: Watchdogs on the Prowl.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Potpourri of Policies and Procedures.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Commerciality, Competition, Commensurateness.

Chapter Twenty-Four: IRS Audits of Nonprofit Organizations.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Avoiding Personal Liability.