The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Training (w/ CD)
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Elaine Biech is the author of more than a dozen articles and books, including The Business of Consulting, Marketing and Selling Your Consulting Services, and The Consultant's Quick Start Guide, all published by Pfeiffer. She is also the author of Training for Dummies. Biech is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc and consults, as well as designs and delivers training programs, to a diverse range of industries including health care institutions, insurance, banking, shipbuilding, manufacturing, government, and nonprofit organizations.



The Difference Between Training and Consulting: Which Annual to Use?

Introduction to The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Training.

Experiential Learning Activities.

Introduction to the Experiential Learning Activities Section.

Experiential Learning Activities Categories.

The Serendipity Bowl: Gaining Insight About Oneself (Steve Sphar).

Four Generations: Exploring Generational Diversity (Charlotte S. Waisman and Linda M. Bedinger).

Ten Tips: Being Heard by Others (Peter R. Garber).

It’s Only Fair: Exercising Influence (Connie Phillips).

What Makes You the Best? Making Decisions (Leanne Cusumano Roque).

What’s the Scenario? Using a Planning Tool (Tiffani D. Payne and William J. Rothwell).

Rows and Circles: Understanding Cultural Differences (Peter Heinze and Shirley Muñoz).

Fairness: Distributing Rewards Fairly (Chris W. Chen).

Shuffle the Participants: Breaking into Small Groups (Robert Alan Black).

Boss Extreme Makeover: Investigating Leadership (Karen S. Ostrov and Jennifer B. Bakke).

Delegation Skills: Using Them on the Spot (Deborah Spring Laurel).

A Valuable List: Exploring an Organization’s Values (Frank A. Prince).

Change Opportunities: Identifying Actions and Support (Saundra Stroope).

Editor’s Choice.

Introduction to the Editor’s Choice Section.

It’s All in the Cards: Paying Attention (Richard T. Whelan).

Fluidity and Balance: The Challenge of Work/Life Balance (Teri Lund).

Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys.

Introduction to the Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys Section.

It’s About Time: Personal Productivity Assessment (Priscilla Ronan).

Full-Scope Evaluation Planning Inventory (Joan Conway Dessinger and James L. Moseley).

Assessing Your Servant-Leadership Skills (Homer H. Johnson).

Articles and Discussion Resources.

Introduction to the Articles and Discussion Resources Section.

Developing Relationships (K.S. Gupta).

Exploring the “Zone” of Peak Performance (Stephen Randall).

Informal Learning: A Way to Unleash New Power from e-Learning (Margaret Driscoll and Saul Carliner).

Modifying Motivation: Encouraging Difficult Learners (Diane Walter).

What a Difference a Day, a Door, and a Donut Make: Fourteen Tips to Make Your Facilitation Style Fit Your Room (Dianna Booher).

Independent Means: Leveraging Internal Expertise (Ajay M. Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood).

**Two Job Aids for the Design of Synchronous e-Learning (George M. Piskurich).

Using Scenarios in Problem Solving (Donna J. Bear).

**The Mentee Is the Customer: Driving the Mentoring Process (Mohandas Nair).

Maximizing Brain Potential for Learning (Robert (Bob) W. Lucas).

Beat the Outsourcing Blues: Audit for Quality Training (Deborah Spring Laurel).

Managing Managers: What Do Second-Line Managers Do, Anyway? (Barbara Pate Glacel).


Contents of the Companion Volume, The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting.

How to Use the CD-ROM.

Pfeiffer Publications Guide.

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