Get Smart! Nine Sure Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School
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More About This Title Get Smart! Nine Sure Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School


Ronald Dietel, Ed.D., is an assistant director of the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA. He has written articles and videos on educational topics and has served on the La Cañada (CA) Unified School District Governing Board. His two children attend school in California.


Foreword (Robert L. Linn).



Introduction: The Get Smart Learning Model.

1. Make the Most of Your Child’s Abilities.

2. Encourage Your Child to Make the Effort.

3. Help Your Child Develop Confidence and a Positive Attitude Toward Learning.

4. Schools That Help Children Get Smart.

5. Become a Partner with Your Child’s Teacher.

6. Support Get Smart! Habits at School.

7. Support Get Smart! Habits at Home.

8. Measure Your Child’s Success.

9. Get Smart! Communications.

Conclusion: Get Started Today.

Appendix A: Get Smart! Strategies for Students with Special Needs.

Appendix B: Using a School Report Card.

Appendix C: What to Look for in High-Quality Classrooms.

Appendix D: Tips on Writing a Paper.

Appendix E: Assessment Glossary.

Appendix F: Supplemental Get Smart! Resources.


About the Author.



"The Ideas in Get Smart! Should be useful for every parent who reads the book. " (TC Record, March 2007)"With his extensive knowledge of what works in education, Ron Dietel presents a compelling series of proven approaches to student success in school. A must-read for teachers and parents as well as school-age children!"
—Jim Kohlmoos, president, National Education Knowledge Industry Association (NEKIA)

"Wow, I wish Ron Dietel's book had been available when we were raising our children. The succinct and credible descriptions of real life experiences in nurturing children to become successful is a must read for all parents. A gem of a book!"
—Gregory Bowman, superintendent, Burbank Unified School District, California

"This is a very positive book. Dietel shares hundreds of constructive ideas, including many from experts in education, of how parents may be involved with children's learning across the grades."
—Joyce L. Epstein, director, Center on School, Family, andCommunity Partnerships, Johns Hopkins University

"Dietel has combined theory with parental experience to produce an eminently practical, hands-on guide. ?Any parent who wants to help a child learn will find Get Smart! an invaluable tool."
—Kathy Seal, coauthor, Motivated Minds: Raising Children to Love Learning

"However well your child is doing in school today, he or she can get better by following Ron Dietel's Get Smart strategies."
—Donna Elder, former principal, Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School, and president-elect, National Association of Laboratory Schools