Teaching Tips From Your One-Minute Mentor: Quick & Easy Strategies for Classroom Success
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More About This Title Teaching Tips From Your One-Minute Mentor: Quick & Easy Strategies for Classroom Success


Arnie Bianco, M.Ed., was a school principal for twenty-four years, a teacher?for nine years, and an adjunct instructor and teacher supervisor for over seventeen years. He currently serves as a mentor-principal and board member of a charter school in Tucson, Arizona. In addition, he conducts workshops on One-Minute Discipline across the country.



Chapter 1: On Being a Teacher.

Chapter 2: Getting to Know Your Students.

Chapter 3: Creating a Culture of Appreciation.

Chapter 4: Let the Teaching Begin.

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Classroom.

Chapter 6: Staying in Charge.

Chapter 7: Handling Difficult Situations.

Chapter 8: Enlisting Some Partners.

Chapter 9: Joining the Educational Team at Your School.

Chapter 10: Taking Care of Your Personal Growth.


Collected Quotes.


The guide's easy-to-read, visual style format facilitates understanding and classroom application. (RoundTableReviews, 08/01/08)

"Designed for the visual leaner, this book shares advice and techniques for classroom success." (Learning Magazine, 10/2007)

"Arnie Bianco's practical guide for educators combines the sage wisdom of real world experience with contemporary classroom management strategy. A must-have for any classroom teacher, no matter how many years they have taught."
—Kathleen A. Rose, dean of fine arts, language arts, and social sciences division, Hartnell College

"Teaching Tips From Your One-Minute Mentor's practical, no-nonsense advice reinforces good teaching by providing an easy-to-implement plan of action. High school seniors on their way to a teacher preparation program should keep this book, along with One-Minute Discipline, in their backpack. When the going gets tough, these are the books that will sustain them!"
—Marsha A. Miller, director, New Hampshire's Future Educators Academy