The 2004 Pfeiffer Annual: Training (with CD)
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Elaine Beich is the author of more than a dozen articles and books, including The Business of Consulting, Marketing and Selling Your Consulting Services, and The Consultant’s Quickstart Guide, all published by Pfeiffer. She is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc. and has consulted to a diverse range of industries including health care institutions, insurance, banking, and shipbuilding, manufacturing, and government, and nonprofit organizations.



The Difference Between Training and Consulting: Which Annual to Use?

Introduction to The 2004 Pfeiffer Annual: Training.

Experiential Learning Activities.

Introduction to the Experiential Learning Activities Section.

Experiential Learning Activities Categories.

Highly Leveraged Moments: Enhancing the Quality of Internal Life in the Workplace (Terri-E Belf).

Quotations: Reflecting on Others’ Experiences (Mohandas K. Nair).

Generational Bingo: Identifying Generational Differences (Susan El-Shamy).

12 Angry Men: Learning About Leadership and Conflict Management Style (Saundra Stroope).

He Who Holds the Pen: Practicing Active Listening (Kristin J. Arnold).

The Chrysalis Flower: Practicing Conflict Resolution (Sharon Wagner, Nichelle Goodin, and Chris Hammond).

Spotlight Dance: Building a Base of Common Knowledge (M.K. Key).

Paper Chain Company: Experiencing the Transition from Dysfunction to Collaboration (Cathy Alper).

Negotiation Tactics: Developing Alternatives to Resolve Impasses (Michael Patrick).

Get Smart: A Co-Opetition Activity (Lorraine L. Ukens).

Zen with a Sense of Humor: Working Together in Groups (Robert Alan Black).

Training Trainers: Feeding Forward Through Electronic Appreciative Learning (Robert C. Preziosi).

My Worst Nightmare: Dealing with Employee Performance Issues (Donna L. Goldstein).

Editor’s Choice.

Introduction to the Editor’s Choice Section.

Measuring a Child’s Empowerment (Instrument) (K.S. Gupta).

Value Enhancement: Adding Value to Your Work (Activity) (W. Norman Gustafson).

Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys.

Introduction to the Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys Section.

Online Social Presence Self-Assessment (OSPSA) (Chih-Hsiung Tu).

Leading Workplace Collaboration: A Literature-Based Model and Self-Assessment Inventory (Doug Leigh).

What Is Your Positioning Quotient? Organizational Assessment (Stephen G. Haines).

Articles and Discussion Resources.

Introduction to the Articles and Discussion Resources Section.

20 Essential Tips for e-Learners (Ryan Watkins).

A Consensus Building Model: REACH C (Deborah Spring Laurel).

Team Intelligence: Getting the Most from Teams in Your Organization (Peter R. Garber and Don Mock).

Learning vs. Performance: Implications for Human Resource Development (John Sample).

Managing Training Throughout the Training Exchange (Mary Lise Caron and Steve Fanjoy).

Training the Nintendo Generations: What’s a Boomer to Do? (Susan El-Shamy).

Z-Biz: The Art of Wealth: Stepping Stones for Spirituality in Organizations (Edwina Pio).


Contents of the Companion Volume, The 2004 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting.

How to Use the CD-ROM.

Pfeiffer Publications Guide.