The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership
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More About This Title The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership


GAIL T. FAIRHURST is professor and head of the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati and has consulted with numerous organizations, including General Electric, the Kroger Company, and Children's Hospital of Cincinnati. She has published widely in management, organizational, and communication journals. ROBERT A. SARR is chairman and general manager of Santa Fe Southern Railway, Inc. His indepAndent management consulting clients include Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, and the Girl Scouts of America. Specializing in the creation of high-performance systems, he has also consulted in Japan, the Philippines, and Europe.


Framing: Seizing Leadership Moments in Everyday Conversations.

From the Inside Out: How Your Own View of Reality Shapes Communication Goals.

Vision-Based Framing: Enabling People to See the World You See.

Context Sensitivity: Recognizing Opportunities and Constraints.

Tools for Framing: Metaphor, Jargon, Contrast, Spin, and Stories.

Avoiding Mixed Messages.

Preparing Yourself to Frame Spontaneously.

Establishing Credibility: What You Frame, How You Frame, and How Others Frame You.

Epilogue: Framing in Action.


"The power to frame issues, influence the terms of the discussion, and help people understand opportunities and challenges is a recognized leadership capability. The Art of Framing is a practical primer on framing issues to manage meaning." --Nancy Burgas, district manager, Executive Development, AT&T