Digital Sports Photography: Take Winning Shots Every Time
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More About This Title Digital Sports Photography: Take Winning Shots Every Time


Serge Timacheff is a professional photographer and writer. He is the official photographer for the International Fencing Federation and has photographed numerous world championships and the Olympic Games. He also shoots for Corbis and is the founding partner of Tiger Mountain Photo and His work appears worldwide, and he gives frequent workshops and lectures on photography. When home, he lives in the Pacific Northwest.

David Karlins teaches and writes about graphic and interactive design, and digital printing. His recent books include Build Your Own Web Site, How to Do Everything with Adobe Illustrator CS, and The PC Magazine Guide to Printing Great Digital Photos. Visit David’s Web site at





Part I: Understanding Digital Sports Photography.

Chapter 1: The Wide World of Sports Photography.

Chapter 2: From Shoot to Print: Workflow.

Chapter 3: Equipment and Techniques for Digital Sports Photography.

Part II: Shooting Sports on Location.

Chapter 4: Outdoor Field and Court Sports.

Chapter 5: Outdoor Recreation and Competition, On and Off the Water.

Chapter 6: Indoor Competition Sports.

Chapter 7: Extreme and Adventure Sports.

Chapter 8: Specialized Sports.

Part III: Working with Sports Images in the Digital Studio.

Chapter 9: Creating a Digital Studio.

Chapter 10: Working in a Digital Studio.

Part IV: The Ins and Outs of Presenting Your Digital Sports Photos.

Chapter 11: Output: Getting Sports Photos Online, In Print, and On Display.

Chapter 12: Going Pro or Covering Costs: Selling Sports Photos.

Chapter 13: Legal Issues: Taking, Displaying, and Distributing Sports Photos.

Appendix A: Photography Resources.

Appendix B: Contributing Photographers.