Photoshop CS2 Bible, Professional Edition
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McClelland most sinister books are the award-winning Photoshop Bible and Photoshop Bible, Professional Edition, now in their twelfth year with more copies in print than any other guides on computer graphics. Other subversive titles include Photoshop CS For Dummies, and Photoshop Elements For Dummies (both Wiley Publishing, Inc.).

Deke further shocks and appalls as host of the interactive “Video Workshop” that ships with Photoshop as well as the fiendishly exhaustive Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS (, the predecessor of which was named Training Product of the Year by MacNet 2.0. His other DVD- and CD-based video series include Digital Photography with Photoshop Elements and Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS (both Total Training).

In 2002, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals voted Deke into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Deke has also managed to become an Adobe Certified Expert, a member of the PhotoshopWorld Instructor Dream Team, a featured speaker on the 2003 Photoshop Fling cruise of the Eastern Caribbean, and a contributing editor for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines.

An artist through heredity and education, a teacher by nature, and a writer since she was old enough to pick up a crayon, Laurie Ulrich Fuller is a graphic artist, computer trainer, and the author and co-author of more than 25 books on computers, software, and the Web. Laurie has written hundreds of training manuals for universities and corporate training centers, and in the past 15 years, she’s personally trained thousands of people to make more creative and effective use of their computers.

Her classroom has recently expanded to include total strangers she’ll never lay eyes on—through CD-based training products available from both Total Training and VTC.
In the early 1990’s, after spending way too many years working for other people, Laurie started her own firm, Limehat & Company, Inc. This venture allowed her to put her experience, ideas, and contacts to good use, providing consulting, training, Web design, and Web hosting services with a focus on the special needs of growing companies and non-profit organizations. If you’re wondering where the name “Limehat” came from, it’s a long story, but suffice to say it goes back to a childhood taunt heard on the school bus, regarding a plaid hat that Laurie’s mother thought looked cute, but that nearly turned the then 6-year-old Laurie into a social pariah. When not writing about or teaching people to use computers, Laurie can be found supporting a variety of animal advocacy groups—through protests, writing educational articles, and maintaining her other organization’s Web site, She also enjoys her family, gardening, antiques, old houses (she and her husband are about to begin renovating one of their own), and adding to her collections of books, movies, and Wallace Nutting artwork.
You can find out more about Laurie’s work, experiences, and both personal and professional interests at, and she welcomes your e-mail at [email protected]

Mr. Fuller typically shuns the bright light of day, lurking instead in the cold dark basements or shallow pools beneath convenience store dumpsters known to be the common environs of the wretched PC user. His rare appearance here can only be attributed to his fascination with shiny objects. The Macintosh, which appeared on the family’s kitchen counter just after Christmas, lured him onto the upper floors of his quiet domicile gawking in wonder. “Hmmm...likie-likie,” he was heard to snivel as he licked the slick, translucent mouse.
Having enveloped him in the “warm fuzzies,” the likes of which he hasn’t felt since his NeXT Dimension Turbo Cube was mothballed, no one’s been able to pull him away from this fabulous eMac since.
His family, believing the long hours he’s spent with the new toy may have a rejuvenating effect on his psyche, thought that seeing his work in print might hasten his return into polite society. At the very least, it’s stopped him from shuffling about the basement, threatening faceless apparitions, and shaking his monitor violently—grumbling something about fleeing to Cupertino, California.
Robert is the author of the Dreamweaver 4 and HTML Virtual Classrooms (McGraw-Hill/Osborne), HTML in 10 Steps or Less (Wiley Publishing, Inc.), and has contributed to The Photoshop 7 Complete Reference, (McGraw-Hill/Osborne), The Photoshop Elements 2 Bible, and Restoration and Retouching with Photoshop Elements 2 (both Wiley Publishing, Inc.), as well as this lovely tome you’re reading now.



Chapter 1: Painting and Brushes.

Chapter 2: Cloning, Healing, and Patterns.

Chapter 3: Undo and History.

Chapter 4: Masks and Extractions.

Chapter 5: Working with Layers.

Chapter 6: Blend Modes and Knockouts.

Chapter 7: Shapes and Styles.

Chapter 8: Corrective Filtering.

Chapter 9: Pixelate, Distort, and Render.

Chapter 10: Custom Effects.

Chapter 11: Correcting Hue and Saturation.

Chapter 12: Levels, Curves, and Shadows.

Chapter 13: File Management and Automation.

Chapter 14: Preparing Web Graphics.