Network Security Bible
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Eric Cole, PhD, has appeared as a security expert on CBS News, 60 Minutes, and CNN Headline News.

Ronald Krutz, PhD, is the founder of the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute Cybersecurity Center.

James W. Conley has been a security officer in the United States Navy and a senior security specialist on CIA development efforts.




Part I: Security Principles and Practices.

Chapter 1: Information System Security Principles.

Chapter 2: Information System Security Management.

Chapter 3: Access Control Considerations.

Part II: Operating Systems and Applications.

Chapter 4: Windows Security.

Chapter 5: UNIX and Linux Security.

Chapter 6: Web Browser and Client Security.

Chapter 7: Web Security.

Chapter 8: E-mail Security.

Chapter 9: Domain Name System.

Chapter 10: Server Security.

Part III: Network Security Fundamentals.

Chapter 11: Network Protocols.

Chapter 12: Wireless Security.

Chapter 13: Network Architecture Fundamentals.

Part IV: Communications.

Chapter 14: Secret Communication.

Chapter 15: Covert Communication.

Chapter 16: Applications of Secure/Covert Communication.

Part V: The Security Threat and the Response.

Chapter 17: Intrusion Detection and Response.

Chapter 18: Security Assessments, Testing, and Evaluation.

Chapter 19: Putting Everything Together.