Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies
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Romilla Ready is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, and is the director of Ready Solutions, which was founded in 1996. She runs professionally developed workshops across a range of areas and has trained clients in the UK and overseas, using her cross-cultural skills to build rapport between different nationalities. Romilla has been interviewed on local radio and has had articles on stress management and applications of NLP published in the press.

Kate Burton is an NLP coach and trainer who enables individuals and organizations to focus their energy effectively. Her business career began in corporate advertising and marketing with Hewlett-Packard. Since then she has worked with many varied businesses across industries and cultures on how they can be great communicators. What she loves most is delivering custom-built training and coaching programmes. She thrives on supporting people in boosting their motivation, self-awareness and confidence. Her belief is that people all have unique talents, abilities and core values. The skill is about honouring them to the full.



Part I: Welcome to a Brave New World.

Chapter 1: NLP Explained.

Chapter 2: Some Basic Assumptions of NLP.

Chapter 3: Taking Charge of Your Life.

Part II: The Brain’s Highway Code.

Chapter 4: Who’s Steering the Bus?

Chapter 5: Pushing the Communication Buttons.

Part III: Winning Friends . . . Influencing People.

Chapter 6: Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling Your Way to Better Communication.

Chapter 7: Creating Rapport.

Chapter 8: Understanding to Be Understood: Metaprograms.

Part IV: Opening the Toolkit.

Chapter 9: Dropping Anchors.

Chapter 10: Sliding the Controls.

Chapter 11: Changing with Logical Levels.

Chapter 12: Driving Habits: Uncovering Your Secret Programs.

Chapter 13: Time Travel.

Chapter 14: Smooth Running Below Decks.

Part V: Words to Entrance.

Chapter 15: Heart of the Matter: The Meta Model.

Chapter 16: Hypnotising Your Audience.

Chapter 17: Stories, Fables, and Metaphors: Telling Tales to Reach the Subconscious.

Chapter 18: Asking the Right Questions.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Applications of NLP.

Chapter 20: Ten Books to Add to Your Library.

Chapter 21: Ten Online NLP Resources.

Chapter 22: Ten Movies That Include NLP Processes.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Resource List.

Appendix B: Rapport Building.

Appendix C: The Well-formed Outcome Checklist.



“…well written…will undoubtedly interest and delight many people…” (Resource Magazine, August 04)

“…thankfully avoids the jargon of many other books and provides basic essentials..” ( September 2004)

“...If you buy a book with “For Dummies” in the title then I guess there isn’t much room for complaint…” (Honest ABE’s NLP Emporium, 3rd December 2004)

"…aims to give you the skills to think clearly about your own actions and understand the motivations for other people's..." (Independent on Sunday, 2nd January 2005) 

“an excellent and straightforward guide that is worth every penny”. (Candis, March 2007)

“It is friendly and accessible, written by enthusiasts who have an obvious love of their subject.” (First Voice For Business, May 2007)