Total Digital Photography: The Shoot to Print Workflow Handbook
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More About This Title Total Digital Photography: The Shoot to Print Workflow Handbook


Serge Timacheff is a professional photographer who recently made the switch to a fully digital operation. He's the official photographer for the International Fencing Federation and photographs fencing events at the Olympic Games.

David Karlins teaches graphic design at San Francisco State University. He is the author of PC Magazine Printing Great Digital Photos, also from Wiley.




Part I: Setting Up for Digital Photography Workflow.

Chapter 1: What Is Digital Photography Workflow?

Chapter 2: The Digital Camera: From Pre- to Post-Pixel.

Chapter 3: Software: Digital Workflow’s Red Thread.

Part II: Following the Digital Photography Workflow.

Stage 1: Preparing the Digital Photo Shoot.

Stage 2: The Digital Photo Shoot.

Stage 3: Transferring Digital Images from Camera to Computer.

Stage 4: Image Review and Organization.

Stage 5: Processing Digital Photos.

Stage 6: Storage and Backup of Digital Images.

Stage 7: Creative Image Editing and Optimization.

Stage 8: Printing Photos in the Studio or at a Service Bureau.

Stage 9: Digital Image Display and Distribution.

Stage 10: Fighting Image Mortality.

Part III: Appendixes.

Appendix: References and Resources.