Restoration and Retouching with Photoshop(r) Elements 2
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Laurie Ulrich has a background in fine arts as well as extensive professional experience in graphic and Web design. She is the author of two books on Photoshop and has written extensively on other topics from Microsoft Office to Web design. Laurie also conducts Photoshop classes at universities, corporate training centers, and privately, for growing businesses, non-profit organizations, and home users.





Chapter 1: A Tour of Photoshop Elements’ Restoring and Retouching Tools.

Chapter 2: Scanning Your Original Photographs.

Chapter 3: Improving Photo Color and Contrast.

Chapter 4: Too Dark or Too Light: Correcting Exposure.

Chapter 5: Moving and Removing Unwanted Content.

Chapter 6: Repairing Scratches,Tears, and Spots.

Chapter 7: Removing Dust, Mold, and Unwanted Textures.

Chapter 8: Performing Plastic Surgery with Photoshop Elements.

Chapter 9: Mastering Special Effects and Filters.

Chapter 10: Printing and Displaying Your Restored Images.

Appendix A: Preserving Your Originals.

Appendix B: Online Resources.

Appendix C: Before and After Images.



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“…very useful to any digital photography enthusiast…” (PC How To Digital Photography, May 2004)