Introducing ZBrush
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Eric Keller has been working professionally as a digital artist and 3D animator since 1998. He is a high-end animator for film, television, and scientific visualization with clients including Disney, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Hewlett-Packard, Sony Imageworks, and ABC, and has created animations for scientific research and visualization at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Harvard Medical School. Eric is the author of Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator's Guide, a contributing author to Mastering Maya 8.5 and Mastering Maya 7 (all from Sybex), and has written articles and tutorials for industry magazines.



Chapter 1: Pixels, Pixols, Polygons, and the Basics of Creating Digital Art.

Chapter 2: Facing the ZBrush Interface.

Chapter 3: Painting with Pixols, Part 1.

Chapter 4: Painting with Pixols, Part 2.

Chapter 5: Digital Sculpting.

Chapter 6: Advanced Sculpting Techniques.

Chapter 7: Color, Texture, and Alpha.

Chapter 8: Rendering, Lighting, and Materials.

Chapter 9: ZBrush with Other 3D Applications.

Chapter 10: Plug-ins and ZScripts.

Appendix: About the Companion DVD.