Medical Statistics at a Glance
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Part I: Handling Data:.

1. Types Of Data.

2. Data Entry.

3. Error Checking And Outliers.

4. Displaying Data Graphically.

5. Describing Data (1): The 'Average'.

6. Describing Data (2): The 'Spread'.

7. Theoretical Distributions (1): The Normal Distribution.

8. Theoretical Distributions (2): Other Distributions.

9. Transformations.

Part II: Sampling And Estimation:.

10. Sampling And Sampling Distributions.

11. Confidence Intervals.

Part III: Study Design:.

12. Study Design I.

13. Study Design II.

14. Clinical Trials.

15. Cohort Studies.

16. Case-Control Studies.

Part IV: Hypothesis Testing:.

17. Hypothesis Testing.

18. Errors In Hypothesis Testing.

Part V: Basic Techniques For Analysing Data:.

Numerical Data:.

19. A Single Group.

20. Two Related Groups.

21. Two Unrelated Groups.

22. More Than Two Groups.

Categorical Data:.

23. A Single Proportion.

24. Two Proportions.

25. More Than Two Categories.

Regression And Correlation:.

26. Correlation.

27. The Theory Of Linear Regression.

28. Performing A Linear Regression Analysis.

29. Multiple Linear Regression.

30. Polynomial And Logistic Regression.

31. Statistical Modelling.

Important Considerations:.

32. Checking Assumptions.

33. Sample Size Calculations.

34. Presenting Results.

Additional Topics:.

35. Diagnostic Tools.

36. Assessing Agreement.

37. Evidence-Based Medicine.

38. Systematic Reviews And Meta-Analysis.

39. Methods For Repeated Measures.

40. Time Series.

41. Survival Analysis.

42. Bayesian Methods.


A Statistical Tables.

B Altman's Nomogram For Sample Size Calculations.

C Typical Computer Output.

D Glossary Of Terms.



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