Follow the Fed to Investment Success: The Effortless Strategy for Beating Wall Street
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More About This Title Follow the Fed to Investment Success: The Effortless Strategy for Beating Wall Street


In Follow the Fed to Investment Success, Doug Roberts skillfully outlines a proven approach to investing that is based on the idea that there is direct correlation between stock market performance and the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank. For those who want to build true wealth in today’s markets, Follow the Fed to Investment Success offers an easy-to-understand approach to investing that anyone can implement—with little effort and even less time.


Douglas S. Roberts is the founder and Chief Investment Strategist of the Channel Capital Research Institute ( He is a contributor to AOL's Money & Finance section and is frequently called upon by the media as an expert on the Federal Reserve Bank. Roberts was a vice president and portfolio manager at Bernstein Investment Management as well as research and managing director of the Roberts Mitani Group—a New York merchant bank specializing in the investment of capital from Japan and East Asia. Roberts began his career with the Morgan Stanley Group, working in the corporate finance department in both the New York and London offices. He earned a BS and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.





Chapter 1. Where Are the Customers' Yachts?

A Typical Investor's Experience with Wall Street.

Chapter 2. A Wall Street Insider's Story.

My Search for True Investment Outperformance.

Chapter 3. What the Robber Barons Can Teach Us.

Chapter 4. The Federal Reserve – The Robber Baron of Modern Times.

Chapter 5. The Edge: Don't Bet Against the House.

Chapter 6. The 10 Essentials (Plus a Bonus).

Requirements for Success with Follow the Fed.

Chapter 7. The Secret to Beating the Market: Small Stocks.

Chapter 8. The Catch with Small Stocks.

Chapter 9. The Big Question – Why Do Small Stocks Outperform?

Chapter 10. Proving the Follow the Fed® Formula for Small Stocks

Chapter 11. Follow the Fed: The Easy Strategy for True Wealth® Step-By-Step Instructions.

Implementing the Standard Strategy in Your Own Portfolio.

Chapter 12. How to Use Follow the Fed for All Types of Investments.

Chapter 13. Advanced Follow the Fed Strategies.

Chapter 14. In Conclusion.

Appendix. The Workings of the Federal Reserve System.



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