Food Preparation for the Professional, 2nd Edition
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A complete text giving the basics on food preparation in concise compact form, written in an informal, readable style. Designed to teach basic cooking principles and techniques, vocabulary of cooking terms and working knowledge of foods, equipment and methods of preparation. Appropriate for a one-semester course or as a supplement to main text in dietetics course. This updated edition adds new recipes, each chosen to illustrate a cooking principle, new chapters on baking and desserts, more learning and teaching aids, and new trends in cuisine.


The Kitchen.

Sanitation and Safety.



Recipes and Measurement.

Building Flavor, Body and Texture.



Vegetables, Rice, Pasta.

Fish Cookery.

Poultry Cookery.

Meat Cookery.

Breakfast and Brunch.

Pantry Production.

The Bakeshop.


Out of the Lab and into Production.

Planning and Presenting the Meal.