Furniture Modern and Postmodern Second Edition
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Reflecting the important developements that have occurred in the last decade, the Second Edition offers a completely updated look at comtemporary furniture and furniture design, particularly postmodernism. Written for the entire design community, this important edition covers the history, aesthetics and techniques involved in both the design and production of modern furniture. The expanded and revised coverage looks at trends, market and specific environments as it discusses domestic design, new furniture products--especially the many varied types of office furniture and office systems--renewed interest in ``period'' furniture, recent concern with ``ergonomic'' designs and matters of safety, and the special needs of the elderly, handicapped and children. Features new information on prominent architecture and design firms and furniture manufacturers, together with examples of their work. Over 300 photographs, drawings and illustrations complement the text.


Design Basics.

Historical Background.

Technology of Furniture.

Design Processes and Methods.

Contemporary Furniture: A Portfolio of Illustrations.

The Future.