Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop
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More About This Title Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop


Erin Manning has been fascinated with the people in photographs since she was seven. A professional photographer, she has done commercial, stock, and portrait work and is known for her teaching skill. HGTV and DIY Network viewers know Erin as the host of The Whole Picture.


CHAPTER 1: What You Must Know About Photographing People.

CHAPTER 2: Accessory Equipment.

CHAPTER 3: Working with Light.

CHAPTER 4: Composing Your Picture.

CHAPTER 5: Taking Portraits.

CHAPTER 6: Families, Groups, and Parties.

CHAPTER 7: Kids.

CHAPTER 8: Babies.

CHAPTER 9: Action Shots.

CHAPTER 10: Enhancing and Sharing Your Photos.

APPENDIX A: Resources.