Computational Organic Chemistry
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Steven M. Bachrach, PhD, is the Dr. D. R. Semmes Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.?Dr. Bachrach has published 100 articles. With the support of the National Science Foundation and the Welch Foundation, he is currently researching computational approaches used to understand nucleophilic substitution reactions and the role of solvents. Dr. Bachrach has been a leader in "Internet Chemistry"; he edited the book The Internet: A Guide for Chemists and served as editor of the Internet Journal of Chemistry.




Chapter 1. Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemistry .

Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry.

Chapter 3. Pericyclic Reactions.

Chapter 4. Diradicals and Carbenes.

Chapter 5.Organic Reactions of Anions.

Chapter 6. Solution-Phase Organic Chemistry.

Chapter 7. Organic Reaction Dynamics.


?This book provides a practical overview of the ways in which computational modeling methods and applications can be used in organic chemistry to predict the structure and reactivity of organic molecules.? (Reviews, May 2009)

The book provides an excellent and authoritative panorama of the various approaches to modelling important organic intermediates and their reactivity. (Organic Process Research and Development Journal, 2008)

 "The strength of the book lies in the very detailed discussion of the case examples, the comparison of different methods?" (Angewandte Chemie, 2008-47/13)

"Both seasoned researchers and interested students will find this book useful." (CHOICE, January 2008)