Designing for the iPad - Building Applicationsthat Sell
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Who Should Read This Book?

The Revival of the Hobbyist Programmer.

Part I: Understanding the iPad.

Chapter 1: Embracing a New Paradigm.

Chapter 2: Entering the iPad Marketplace.

Chapter 3: Getting Inspired.

Part II: Planning Your Killer App.

Chapter 4: Working with Clients.

Chapter 5: Working on an Independent iPad App.

Chapter 6: Life as an Apple Developer.

Chapter 7: Organizing Your Workflow.

Part III: Designing for Touchscreen Interfaces.

Chapter 8: Delighting the Users of Your App.

Chapter 9: Designing Books and Magazines.

Chapter 10: The Secrets of Alice for the iPad.

Chapter 11: Starting Out with Sound on the iPad.

Part IV: Marketing Your App.

Chapter 12: Zero Budget Solutions.

Chapter 13: Tracking Sales and Adjusting Prices.