Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Volume 1
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More About This Title Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Volume 1


Biological Nitrogen Fixation is a comprehensive 3 volume work bringing together both review and original research articles on key topics in nitrogen fixation. Chapters across all three volumes emphasize molecular techniques and advanced biochemical analysis approaches applicable to various aspects of biological nitrogen fixation, but each volume also has a unique focus:

Volume I explores the chemistry and biochemistry of nitrogenases, nif gene regulation, the taxonomy, evolution, and genomics of nitrogen fixing organisms, as well as their physiology and metabolism. 

Volume II covers the symbiotic interaction of nitrogen fixing organisms with their host plants, including nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

Volume III features chapters on the "omics" of nitrogen fixing organisms and host plants, nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria and archaea, nitrogen fixing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and non-legumes, as well as field studies and nitrogen fixation in cereals.

Covering the full breadth of current nitrogen fixation research and synthesizing it to point the way forward, Biological Nitrogen Fixation will be a one-stop reference for microbial ecologists and environmental microbiologists as well as plant and agricultural researchers working on crop sustainability.