Andrea Mantegna - Making Art (History)
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More About This Title Andrea Mantegna - Making Art (History)


Andrea Mantegna: Making Art (History) presents the art of Mantegna as challenging the parameters of the history of art in the demands it makes upon historical interpretation, and explores the artist’s potentially transformative impact on the study of the early Renaissance.
  • Features an array of new methodologies for the study of Mantegna and early Renaissance art
  • Critically addresses the question of iconography and “literary” art, as well as the politics of the monographic exhibition
  • Includes translations of two seminal accounts of the artist by Roberto Longhi and Daniel Arasse, key texts not previously available in English
  • Explores the Mantegna’s potentially transformative impact on the study of the early Renaissance


Stephen J. Campbell is Professor of History of Art at Johns Hopkins University. His most recent book is Art in Italy 1400-1600, co-authored with Michael Cole (2011).

Jérémie Koering is a Research Associate at the CNRS and Deputy Director of the Centre André Chastel. His books include Léonard de Vinci (2007) and Le prince en représentation (2013).


Notes on Contributors  6

Chapter 1 In Search of Mantegna’s Poetics: An Introduction  8
Stephen J. Campbell and Jérémie Koering

Chapter 2  Andrea Mantegna: Painting’s Mediality  22
Klaus Krüger

Chapter 3  Signing Mantegna  54
Daniel Arasse

Chapter 4  Mantegna the Grammarian  76
Guillaume Cassegrain

Chapter 5  Changing Forms: Mantegna’s Poietics in the Camera Picta  94
Jérémie Koering

Chapter 6  Mantegna’s Camera Picta: Visuality and Pathos 114
Stephen J. Campbell

Chapter 7  The Griffin’s Gaze and the Mask of Medusa: Self-Referential Motifs in Andrea Mantegna’s Trial of St James  134
Andreas Hauser

Chapter 8  Artifice and Stability in Late Mantegna  152
Andrea Bolland

Chapter 9  Mantegna’s Fictive Bronze Judith and Dido: Beyond Exemplarity  176
Francis Fletcher

Chapter 10  A ‘Pictorial Letter’ to Giuseppe Fiocco  200
Roberto Longhi

Index  225