What Men Don't Tell Women About Business: OpeningUp the Heavily Guarded Alpha Male Playbook
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More About This Title What Men Don't Tell Women About Business: OpeningUp the Heavily Guarded Alpha Male Playbook


Discover the deep, dark secrets of the Alpha businessman

As a woman, you know you're every bit as effective and capable as a man is in the arena of business-but that doesn't mean there aren't things you need to know about men and business. In this invaluable guide for the modern businesswoman, former Alpha Male Christopher Flett reveals everything you need to know to understand, communicate, and compete with men in business.

To some extent, business is still a man's world; here's how to play the game by their rules-and win:

Know what the average Alpha Male is thinking

Learn 10 things you need to know about men in business

Force men to take you seriously

Stop self-sabotage with male colleagues

Get all the credit you deserve

Be more confident and effective

Learn to take charge and lead

Never make excuses for failures

Keep secrets-it's vital

Never bring personal issues to the office

Gain credibility and trust with Alphas

Never look for affirmation openly

Effectively deal with condescending or disrespectful men

Understand why being "nice" gets you nowhere


Christopher V. Flett is CEO and founder of the Flett Group of companies, including Think Tank Communications Ltd. He is recognized internationally as a leader in business motivation, turn?around strategy, and business development. A reformed Alpha Male, he has built business systems in his company that allow him to work primarily with a female clientele on business strategy.

For more information, please visit www.ghostceo.com.


Preface v

PART I The Male Point of View 1

1 Who Are You? 3

2 The Many Business Types 29

3 Getting Inside the Head of the Alpha Male 41

4 Things that Drive Men in Business 59

PART II Female as a Saboteur 79

5 Bailing Water: Taking Things Personally 81

6 Singing Sirens: Wearing Masks 87

7 Dead Calm: Putting Ideas in Question Form 99

8 Stranded: Making Excuses 103

9 Walking the Plank: Declaring Open War 107

10 Loose Lips Sink Ships: Not Keeping Secrets 111

11 Lost at Sea: Bringing Personal Issues to Work 115

12 You’reWaving and Drowning: Seeking External Affirmation 119

13 Chapter 13 Who Deserves a Spot in the Lifeboat?: Expecting Fairness in Business 123

14 Abandon Ship: Accepting Poor Treatment 129

15 “Let Me Do All the Rowing”: Trying to be Liked and Selfless 133

16 “Here, You Take the Last Life Preserver”: Asking for What You Want 137

17 “Lifeboats in the Back”: Developing a Plan B 141

18 “Welcome Aboard!”: Understanding Business Endorsements 145

PART III Common Questions That Women Ask 149

Men: What Makes a Strong Sailor? 149

Getting Promoted: Taking Command of Your Own Ship 154

Family Versus Career: With or Without a Crew 158

Office Relationships: Sailing Off Course 162

Emotional Management: Incoming Tide 167

Political Correctness: Navigating Uncertain Waters 168

Manhandling: Avoiding Shark Bites 170

Hostile Takeovers and General Hostilities: Battleships in Combat 174

Gaining Respect: Earning Your Sailing Stripes 178

Epilogue 180

Index 183